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Tips on How to Maintain a Timber Deck

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Timber decking is a brilliant way to extend your living space as well as establishing a natural beauty at your home. However, if you think about it, timber decks takes a lot of abuse. They get a lot of foot traffic and their horizontal surfaces are constantly exposed to sunlight and allow rain to pool on the surface. They are the most vulnerable to different weather condition than any other type of wooden structure. That’s why timber decking requires regular cycle of maintenance to retain their condition. When you fail to do so, it will cause discolouring on the timber surface and it will become prone to splinters. There is also mould that can make the timber deck surface slippery which is very dangerous. That’s why it’s a good idea to establish a maintenance routine that’ll protect your deck and prevent expensive repairs. Here are a few simple maintenance routines and tips to help keep your timber deck safe, sound, and looking great.

  • Remove mould mildew

-Get yourself a bucket of hot and soapy water and a good hard yard brush and scrub away a meter at a time. You can get yourself a powerful jet wash and set the nozzle to produce its most powerful jet. Give the planks a good clean making sure you get right into the hardwood grooves and between the planks.

  • Apply Stain

-If your decking looks a bit tired, it’s time to stain and re-treat it. Start by cleaning the area first. Then rinse the whole area at least twice and leave it to almost dry out before applying few coats. If you want to refresh a particular area of decking, you might also need to sand it first. If you are treating a large area and applying a few coats, you might want to apply the stain with a paint sprayer instead of a brush to speed up the process, or you could use a decking pad or roller.

  •  Clean and seal regularly.

-Have your deck professionally cleaned and sealed at least every 2 to 3 years to protect it against the rain and sun. If you opt to do it yourself, you’ll probably need to clean and seal the deck at least once a year, so in the long run, professional work pays for itself.

  • Take special steps for a new deck. If your deck is new, have it professionally cleaned to kill any mildew spores in the hardwood and to remove any surface impurities that may prevent deck sealer products from penetrating. Then have it sealed with a waterproof sealer. But be sure to wait at least 60 days after a timber deck is built to have it cleaned and stained; wood has to “age” first.
  • Make repairs as soon as possible. Replace any rotted boards as needed to avoid having to replace the whole deck. Regular maintenance should also include tightening loose boards or railings.


Timber decking is a great investment, so you should always ensure that it’ll provide the best value to your home by proper maintenance and care and always remember that prevention is better than cure so speak to a timber professional today.

Timber Decking Ideas for Your Pool Area

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When we talk about dream houses, we often find ourselves picturing not just the beauty of the interior but also the stunning expanse and view of the outdoors. From gardens, outdoor kitchen up to the pool area, the beauty of an exquisite outdoor space is never without the element of timber decking.

Pool areas that are finished off with perfect timber decks can be a stunning addition to our outdoor living spaces. These timbers are exceptionally versatile and provide a good-looking effect on the poolside area and at the same time, it also ensures a level non-slip surface all the way around. Timber decking is also a great way to enhance the view of your outdoor area making it a perfect place to relax and unwind.If you are already thinking about installing timber decks in your pool, then these are few important things to consider for a high quality timber decking finish.

Natural Beauty and Appearance of Wood

What makes timber the best choice than any other decking material is its effortless blending with the natural surroundings. Its solid and appealing design of timber decking creates a peaceful and relaxing effect to the area.

Longevity and Durability

Timber decking around the pool area is an investment that aims to increase the value of your home and does not come cheap. That is why you should select the best timber decking materials that will last a lifetime and will give value to what you have paid for. Timber decks will be exposed to varying weather conditions, exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and rain, that’s why it needs to be as durable as any outdoor material should be.

Low Maintenance

To ensure that your timber deck is in its best condition and far from wearing out so soon, maintenance must be carried out. However, maintenance also comes with a cost. If you want to avoid doing regular maintenance, then you can initially purchase low-maintenance but high quality timber decking materials. This would mean lower cost and less hassle for you.However, even with the low-maintenance materials, you still have to put in effort into cleaning and ensuring that your timber deck is in good shape.

In order to ensure that the timber deck you get is really the type that you have always wanted to own, you should put in time and effort to find a trusted company that has a lot of experience with timber deck installation and consequently knows how to deliver high quality services at a price you are completely comfortable in paying. Timber decking around your pool area is definitely lovely for your home and with a quality timber deck, it will add more value to your home.

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