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Timber Floors for a French Affair

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There is nothing more rewarding, and perhaps exciting, than taking up the task of furnishing your home. The best thing about it is that you are able to express your own personality throughout the different rooms of your house in in a myriad of ways. French style theme decoration has been one of the most stylish furnishing themes used by homeowners with taste. In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to give your home a French provincial look while also incorporating timber floors.

• Timber floors painted with white greatly help in creating a French country cottage feel to your living room. Also, a chandelier might also come in handy to add a touch of glamour. For high-quality timber floors and hardwood installation, you can look online and pick the best timber floor contractor you can find.

• You can mix French and industrial look by restoring old finds and giving them a fresh twist. For example, you can take an old baker’s shelf, cop it in half and stain it with black then fill it with books, magazines and other reading materials.

• Create an elegant living room through neutral base and rich dark-painted timber floors. You can also add some decorative plaster (for example, with roses for the artwork) for your walls. Little touches can also make a difference, like homemade linen cushions in blue, white and red. This gives a rustic touch and a sense of history on your living room thereby creating a French ambience.

• In your kitchen, a double butler’s sink paired with high-quality tap ware can also be a great idea in creating a timeless feel in this area. You can also add some timber touches on the furnishings and flooring. Couple this with proper lighting and your kitchen area would look perfectly French.

• In the dining area, pendant lights are a nod to French industrial style. While having an accent chair in your dining room provides comfort, white painted walls will add a sense of space while black-painted timber flooring will add warmth.

• Create a comfortable and sophisticated bedroom by having crisp white bedding on your beds. Adding a chandelier in the bedrooms will adds a luxurious feel, while vintage light fittings can also be a great addition to give a unique feel. An old door that you can buy cheaply in secondhand stores can also be a beautiful corner feature in your bedroom. Rattan baskets can also be a great addition for they are reminiscent of French countryside living. If you’re feeling crafty, you can use lettering stencils to spray paint black labels on each and give it a fresh twist.

• Add captivating French inspired outdoor setting in your garden to have a chic and relaxing outdoor space. You can place ‘Bella’ chairs with a marble and cast iron table. You should also put cushions on your chairs for comfort and a few green plants on the table to achieve a perfect outdoor French bistro setting.
Use the tips we have given you above and you will achieve a truly French affair type of décor in your home so much so that you would not want to leave home!

Timber Flooring Recycled Options

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In an attempt to preserve the forest and maintain a clean environment, recycled timber flooring is becoming more and more popular among suppliers and customers nowadays. Recycling timber is a method of transforming used timber into a variety of useful products especially for your flooring ideas. It is frequently practiced now because aside from it being cheap, it is also a way to prevent fast deforestation. Recycling timber is now common in countries like Australia and New Zealand. You can now get high quality recycled timber flooring that would perfectly cater to your flooring needs.

There are several options in recycled timber flooring. First is the lifted flooring in which boards are carefully lifted and denailed. These boards are often 21-23 mm thick and usually display wearmarks, consistently places nail holes and heel marks. This type of recycled timber floors is cheaper as there is often no further preparation required in the process of salvaging them but it requires some effort from your trusted timber floor contractor to lay it again. In buying this type of recycled timber floor, you should always check for good tongue and grooves and ensure you purchase it on the same house lot to avoid different sizing. These recycled boards often come with some sentimental value and history in terms of their previous location that can also add a nostalgic factor.

The second option when it comes to recycled timber floors is the remachined boards. These floorboards are machined from salvaged weatherboards, joists, studs and beams. It is a favourite for many builders because most of the work involving this kind of boards is done by the machining process, it has a clean surface it has well set tongue and grooves and it is maintained with correct moisture control. The supply of this sort of boards is easier to control but in some cases it can still be patchy. These boards may also have randomly placed nail holes that may affect its beauty when it is laid because there is no wooden putty that can seamlessly blend with the wood’s colour and its grain pattern.

If you are now considering recycled timber floorboards for your next home renovation, consider working with a timber floor professional in laying recycled timber floors. This way, you can assure a beautiful output that will give value to what you have paid for. You should not opt doing it by yourself and possibly messing the job up.

Recycled timber floorboards have definitely become a viable and an environmentally friendly option, however the consistency of its supply has always and will continue to be its drawback. Suppliers and customers must always remember that recycled timber itself is a finite resource. There are only so many old structures out there to source wood from and soon these resources too will become unavailable. However in the mean time, recycled timber provides a valuable source of reliable material to produce high-quality timber flooring boards perfect for your flooring ideas.