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Timber Decking Ideas for Your Pool Area

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When we talk about dream houses, we often find ourselves picturing not just the beauty of the interior but also the stunning expanse and view of the outdoors. From gardens, outdoor kitchen up to the pool area, the beauty of an exquisite outdoor space is never without the element of timber decking.

Pool areas that are finished off with perfect timber decks can be a stunning addition to our outdoor living spaces. These timbers are exceptionally versatile and provide a good-looking effect on the poolside area and at the same time, it also ensures a level non-slip surface all the way around. Timber decking is also a great way to enhance the view of your outdoor area making it a perfect place to relax and unwind.If you are already thinking about installing timber decks in your pool, then these are few important things to consider for a high quality timber decking finish.

Natural Beauty and Appearance of Wood

What makes timber the best choice than any other decking material is its effortless blending with the natural surroundings. Its solid and appealing design of timber decking creates a peaceful and relaxing effect to the area.

Longevity and Durability

Timber decking around the pool area is an investment that aims to increase the value of your home and does not come cheap. That is why you should select the best timber decking materials that will last a lifetime and will give value to what you have paid for. Timber decks will be exposed to varying weather conditions, exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and rain, that’s why it needs to be as durable as any outdoor material should be.

Low Maintenance

To ensure that your timber deck is in its best condition and far from wearing out so soon, maintenance must be carried out. However, maintenance also comes with a cost. If you want to avoid doing regular maintenance, then you can initially purchase low-maintenance but high quality timber decking materials. This would mean lower cost and less hassle for you.However, even with the low-maintenance materials, you still have to put in effort into cleaning and ensuring that your timber deck is in good shape.

In order to ensure that the timber deck you get is really the type that you have always wanted to own, you should put in time and effort to find a trusted company that has a lot of experience with timber deck installation and consequently knows how to deliver high quality services at a price you are completely comfortable in paying. Timber decking around your pool area is definitely lovely for your home and with a quality timber deck, it will add more value to your home.

Timber Decking


Floor Sanding Melbourne Basics

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A floor sanding Melbourne expert who is reliable would be a god send to those of us who wish to maintain the stunning timber flooring in our homes. In order to have stunning timber flooring, periodic floor sanding is a must. From repairing damages, changing the colour of the floor or changing the finishing sheen, floor sanding is a vital factor to keeping your timber floors looking beautiful. You won’t have to get a floor sanding Melboourne expert in to maintain your timber flooring too oftenbut when you do, you’ll need to ensure that the money you spend is well worth the cost. That’s why selecting the right and trusted floor sanding Melbourne supplier for the task is extremely important. Just one piece of advice to homeowners; floor sanding is not recommended as a do-it-yourself task. It is recommended that you seek the services of a floor sanding Melbourne professional who is trained and equipped with the right tools for this job.

How important is it to choose the most trusted Floor Sanding Melbourne supplier?

A common nail-down, ¾-inch,tongue-and-groove timber floor needs to be re-sanded by a good professional floor sanding Melbourne contractor several times in the correct way. If you hand over the job to an unreliable floor sanding Melbourne contractor, it is common for such contractors to sand too much of your floor, thereby decreasing the overall life of your timber floor and leaving only a little or worst, no timber layer for the next floor sanding process. As a discerning consumer, it Is your responsibility to choose the best floor sanding Melbourne supplier who can properly protect your timber flooring investment and who will be able to make your timber flooring last as long as possible.

How should a floor sanding Melbourne expert go about the floor sanding process?

A floor sanding Melbourne expert would follow a standard procedure when it comes to floor sanding. The contractor would ensure that all nails are properly punched into the floor. A range of sanding paper not to be used for any other purposes would be used starting with a coarse paper then a medium paper and finally a fine paper. The contractor should not attempt to get too close to the trim or baseboard with their floor sander with no added pressure. The sanding process should follow the grain of the timber by pulling the sander in straight lines. The contractor should sand two or three times with finer grits. This is the proper standard process that is followed by many floor sanding suppliers in order to produce the the best looking timber floors and perfect finishing loved by customers.

These days, floor sanding suppliers are becoming more advanced and are embracing new machineries and technology as part of their floor sanding processes. Ensure you go to a floor sanding Melbourne expert today so that you’ll be assured only the highest quality and superb finishing for your timber flooring. Ensure that the floor sanding Melbourne expert you get has years of experience with a portfolio that demonstrates excellence and skilled craftsmanship that will ensure that you get the proper help to revitalize the beauty of your timber floors. This will ensure you get the best return on your investment for your dollars spent on your timber floors.

Using Timber Flooring to Beautify Your Home

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Timber floor


Timber flooring has become a highly popular flooring choice for homeowners and business establishments these days. It’s the best modern flooring solution not only because of its fashionable finishes but also because of it is low maintenance. It is undeniably durable and is offered in a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles that are ideal to suit all sorts of tastes and decors.

Choosing your timber floor design and colour can sometimes be a difficult process especially for those who are new to timber flooring, so it is important to make your selection based on the look and the appeal you want to achieve. Selecting timber finishes that amplify the natural appearance of your floor can always be the best choice, however searching and collecting more timber flooring inspirations can be extremely useful. You should not worry though because, there are trusted suppliers online who would definitely be able help you in choosing the best colours, designs and finishes that will fit your style.

What are the advantages of timber floors?

  • Mainly, timber floors are highly durable, strong and look better than any other flooring materials. Many families especially those with little kids should choose timber floors as they stay warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Style and elegance. Timber flooring offers a wide variety of textures and colours for you to choose from.  The welcoming warmth of timber floors provides an elegant look for your office or home, thereby increasing the potential value of your home and business premises.
  • Timber flooring is an optimal choice because the initial amount you spend on installation will be more than compensated for, because the quality of the floor is maintained for decades unlike other flooring options like carpeting.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning is another great advantage. If you suffer dust allergies, this is the best option for you because unlike soft flooring like carpet, timber floors will not allow dust mites to flourish making it easy to clean. You can just easily wipe away spills on the floor or a simple vacuum can take away all allergy-causing mites, thereby cutting down your cleaning time.

The advantages of timber floors as mentioned above make timber floors the best flooring option one can get. Once you see your floor laid out with the finest timber floor designs, you will instantly experience the advantages it can provide for your home or your office. The magnificence and elegance of the flooring will captivate you and your guests.

Trusted and reliable service providers specializing in delivering beautiful and quality timber flooring solutions equip themselves with high-end technology and machinery to assure top quality services. If you are looking for reliable hardwood suppliers specifically for timber flooring, you can locate them easily online.